Developmental Biology

Tavosanis Lab

Utilizing the classic genetic model organism Drosophila, we study the cellular and molecular mechanisms that support neuronal resilience and dynamics in development and during the animal’s adult life.

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We are group of enthusiastic senior and junior researchers at RWTH Aachen University.

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Lab Updates:

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Gaia is an invited speaker at the joint international meeting of the German (GfE) and Dutch (DSDB) Societies for Developmental Biology, in Osnabrück (12-15 March 2024)

Gaia will be talking at the EMBO Workshop “Principles of dendritic function and computation” in Chania, Greece (21-24 May 2024)

Gaia will be a Keynote speaker at the upcoming Neurofly meeting in Birmingham! (2-6 September 2024)

Check our latest publications:

Future avenues in Drosophila mushroom body research

Augmin complex activity fine-tunes dendrite morphology through non-centrosomal microtubule nucleation in vivo

Happened recently:

Lab moved to Aachen! 🙂
New semester is here. Introducing the group in Aachen to new coming students.
We are sending off Caterina and Meli on their future advantures with beautiful lab dinner 🙂

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